Is hybrid marketing the next big thing?

Hybrid is a term we have been seeing a lot lately on the news. Hybrid cars, hybrid workplace model and hybrid learning are just some of the most common places where we could find this term. Hybrid is an element of mixed character; composed of different parts. This applies to a range of different fields such as biology, motoring, linguistics etc. Marketing and advertising couldn’t be an exemption.


Elements of tradition marketing such as mailers, trade shows, events, print ads and PR services, and digital marketing features such as search engine marketing, social media

and blogging blend all together and they come up as a whole. This is the hybrid marketing.

Having a wide range of services that can support the communication between the brands and the consumers, both online and offline, has always been considered a great asset. On the other hand, not all marketing agencies have expertise in both the traditional and the digital aereas. So what do companies need to do in order to not be left out of this new game called “hybrid marketing”?

The answer is strategy. According to Hive Mind Studios, a hybrid marketing plan is similar to most marketing strategies, it starts with defining your audience and goals and as you put together a campaign or promotion, start by assessing. The answers to questions such as “Who is your target audience?” or “Where do they spend time both in-person and online?” will lead marketeers to the next steps.

At the same time, marketing agencies that are not strong enough to create a hybrid marketing proposal, can always join forces with other advertising companies in order to provide the best quality services to its clients.

As a hybrid marketing agency, we strongly believe that hybrid marketing is the next big thing.  We are fully aware of the challenges of this new era and we are confident that the advertising world will stay up to date and keep on growing, so it can meet the market’s needs.


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