eCRM & Direct Marketing

One of the best marketing practices is to have the ability to communicate with the exact target audience of the brand’s interest. Direct marketing is the essence of focusing in attracting a pre- selected group of consumers and lead them to take an action towards a brand. This interactive type of communication formulates relationships between brands and customers, through a variety of online and offline CRM activities.

There are various channels that can be deployed in order to deliver the message to the customers, such as email campaigns (eCRM), Mobile Marketing (SMS) and Direct Mail. A combination of the above means can provide a successful promotional strategy for brands that want to engage their customers.


Email marketing (eCRM) has been proven to be a direct, efficient and measurable way of communication with customers. It can be used along with other advertising and marketing activities to enhance brand awareness and increase exposure.

Brands can employ eCRM to redirect customers to their website’s landing page and interact directly with the products or services, introduce a new product, promote discounts or offers, send seasonal greetings or just share information and advice related to the needs of your customers.

All eCRM activities are measurable and their results can provide important feedback to brands regarding the habits and the preferences of customers. Based on these results we are able to adapt the campaigns and create more effective results.


SMS marketing is an effective and risk free way that enables brands to communicate with a wide range of customers through mobile technology. Through SMS campaigns brands are able to interact with customers regarding offers, discounts and new products or services.

SMS campaigns can be used complimentary to other marketing activities to generate word of mouth, and provide the consumers specific information regarding your products in order to increase brand engagement.

Targeting mobile users is one of the most direct channels of marketing communication, since people spend a lot of time on their phones and check their notifications constantly making it extremely unlikely to ignore a text message.

Direct Mail

Sending marketing material & communications via post at consumers’ doorstep is one of the most traditional direct marketing activities. Brands have started to overlook direct mail now that online marketing took the world by storm; nevertheless direct mail still holds a lot of power since it still remains the only channel that you can deliver promotional material directly in the hands of your consumers.

If you have ever wondered why direct mail worth your time, consider some of the following factors:

Easy to reach a wide range of your target audience

It is memorable and interactive

Provides infinite options to get creative

IHigher % of ROI

Less competition


All of our eCRM and Direct Marketing campaigns are aligned with GDPR regulations. Since 2018 that the regulation is in full force we have taken all necessary steps and updated our processes in order to be fully compliant and continue providing high level database services to our customers.