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Care Direct brings the power of the Hybrid Experience to families and one2one consumers in 3 continents and more than 15 countries. We orchestrate the ultimate personalized hybrid experiences based on data insights, local cultural norms and omnichannel approaches at every stage of the consumer’s market journey.

Trial combined with digital experience is our main strategy for all brands A group of 500 experienced, passionate professionals across 15 countries support more than 100 multinational mega brands on a daily basis. Our capabilities range from Brand Strategy to PR with nano-influencers, targeted school programs, digital marketing, and product trial.

For over 26 years, our job is to tell your brand’s story and connect it with the right audience at the right moment, no matter the size, industry, or zip code of your company.

We invite you to embrace the new experience! Let’s Move forward Together! Increase your reach with a Hybrid Strategy.


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