Product Sampling

A brand can stand by the side of consumers seeking for knowledge about various categories of products, through product sampling. No other marketing activity can put directly a physical product in the customer’s hand & offer them the opportunity to experience it with all their senses!

Through product sampling initiatives consumers in life changing moments have the opportunity to gather information and have a trial period with a brand without purchasing the product. As a marketing activity is considered to be risk free, rewarding, while providing the brand with added value and building strong relationship with the end users.

We design various Gift Boxes for our sampling programs that include educational material and free samples. Our goal is to reach end users at the exact moment that they are entering a new life stage and they feel the need of changing their purchasing habits.


Welcome to this miraculous journey! An expecting mother will seek out information and conduct extensive research, considering every detail during this special and emotional life moment. The time to reach her is when she first begins to have these queries and offer her the answers to pregnancy questions & after pregnancy tips to prepare her to provide her baby a healthy start to life.

With our Pregnancy Gift Box mothers to be gain access to important tips and ideas during their baby-waiting period through product sampling, educational pregnancy guide, coupons, catalogues & magazines.

Pregnancy Gift Box is distributed for free through gynecologists and in Maternity Clinics between the 5th and 7th month of pregnancy.


The ultimate celebration of life! Having a child signifies one of the most important chapters for the lives of women and the whole family. A new mother is full of emotions, questions, anxiety and will to give all her effort to raise her baby and build a strong family.

Our Baby Gift Box aspires to assist the mother with pivotal motherhood issues for the first year of the baby’s life, through educational material written by specialists. Also, mothers have the opportunity to test different product samples for their baby and their personal care, discount coupons and offers to make the first purchases after giving birth.

Our Baby Gift Box is distributed in Private and Public Maternity Clinics through our own Health Educators or through Hospital Personnel one or two days postpartum.


Do you remember your first day at school? The excitement, the nervousness, the curiosity. First day of school is one of the most important milestones in the family. A day full of mixed feeling for both children and parents. Let’s stand by them together to support the children’s transition to the new environment.

Back 2 School Gift Box was designed to create a joyful experience and relieve the stress of the day by providing young students and their guardians fun gifts, ideas and solutions for the arising needs of this period. Product samples, educational material & discounts for healthy nutrition, toys, stationary, personal care etc., are some of the things included in the gift box ready to be explored by the users.

Back 2 School Gift Box is distributed to the families of 1st Grade students during the 1st day of the school year.

Ladies Gift Box

Strong, beautiful & effortlessly cool. Women after 40 years old are living differently than the generation before them. They are confident, technologically updated, make financial decisions, stay active and fit, travel and therefore formulate a powerful & upcoming target audience - The Perennials.

Ladies gift box is the result of our experience and thirst for new opportunities not to be missed. We approach this target audience and offer them a gift box that includes product samples & educational materials concerning their body & mind wellness.

Ladies Gift Box is distributed though gynecologists during early pre menopause and menopause exams.


A great example of our expertise in designing customized activities is our Army Sampling Program, where the target group is young adult males that are joining the army or any kind of military education/ academy.

The main idea behind all our product sampling programs is to reach end users that match each brand’s identity, during life’s milestones. We are able to locate the perfect place where each target audience is gathered in numbers and offer them the experience of product sampling.

With specific needs and probably living on their own for the first times young adult males are the perfect users for brands in personal hygiene, home care and other accessories.

Our Army Gift Box is currently distributed outside military camps on the day of enrollment.