Babyspace is a multinational website portal dedicated to pregnancy & baby, that caters to families in many countries: Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and others.

It began its journey with a view of helping new parents do the best for their children! In 2009 we started being there for you and your child, answering your questions and building a broad network of doctors and distinguished schientists. Today, with over 100K registered members, we remain loyal to offering important information to modern mothers and fathers. We know that being a parent is not easy and that’s why our main goal is to alleviate the stress and help you enjoy more of those great moments!

Babyspace’s content is informative, rich, up-to-date and fun. There are over 5.000 articles - and we keep adding more everyday- regarding fertility, pregnancy and motherhood.You can find personalised content as well as useful pregnancy tools!

And what about your business? Babyspace works as a hug full of answers to every parent’s questions, so if your products or services are within this niche, it can be a strong tool in promoting your business successfully!

What do we offer?

  1. Banners in the most rich in content site for couples and parents, that search for valid and trustworthy information regarding health, development, care and upbringing of their children.
  2. Advertorials
  3. Edutorials
  4. Video Ads
  5. Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns
  6. Lead Campaigns for Database Enhancement